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Outdoor Free-Standing Water Fountains

Free-standing outdoor drinking fountains are extremely popular due to their ease and flexibility of installation. These units are all available in 12 different color finishes and can include none to two drinking fountains. Every model is available in different configurations (ie. bottle filler on the left, middle or right); different options like attached dog fountains; and with or without freeze-resistant valves. Made with type-360 stainless steel, they are well protected against the elements, corrosion and various other possible damages.

While none of Elkay and Halsey Taylor’s outdoor-rated bottle filling stations and exterior drinking fountains are filtered, it is still possible to pair these models with in-line filter kits installed remotely and directly hooked to the water line. The filter will either need to be housed inside a wall or in a building as water must never freeze inside it. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

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