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GUIDE: How to Navigate Elkay EZH20 Specs

“Put that on this and then attach this to that part”... When it comes to installing, maintaining, or troubleshooting an Elkay EZH20, it is critical to know the correct name for the parts in your water bottle filling station. The...

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How to Replace an Elkay EZH20 Filter

Bottle filling stations are sweeping the nation’s schools, gyms, and public spaces as the cool (both literally and figuratively), sustainable way to hydrate. Beyond that, bottle filling stations, such as the Elkay models we’ll discuss in this article, actually improve...

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5 Most Popular Water Bottle Filling Stations for Schools

Considering water’s positive impacts on brain function, Elkay bottle filling stations have become very popular at schools and child-care facilities. In addition to their scientifically-backed health benefits, these devices also have compelling environmental and economic benefits. If you’re the lucky...

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Crossfit Southie Commits to Health with Bottle Filling Station

  CrossFit Southie, one of Boston's largest CrossFit centers, recently made an impressive commitment to water sustainability and member health by installing a brand new bottle filling station in their already-notable facility. As a small yet rapidly growing business, CrossFit Southie...

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