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How to Replace an Elkay EZH20 Filter

How to Replace an Elkay EZH20 Filter

Dave Wells |

Bottle filling stations are sweeping the nation’s schools, gyms, and public spaces as the cool (both literally and figuratively), sustainable way to hydrate. Beyond that, bottle filling stations, such as the Elkay models we’ll discuss in this article, actually improve water quality by removing lead and other contaminants, something standard water fountains can’t do. This is all thanks to the stations’ Elkay EZH20 filters.


But in order to maintain the effectiveness of these machines, the Elkay EZH20 filter must be changed regularly. This process might seem intimidating, especially if you don’t have an on-site facilities team. To ease your worries and show how these filling stations are really the Wall-Es of the water technology world, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to replacing your Elkay EZH20 filter and keep your bottle filler working at its best.

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Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Determine when your filter needs to be changed

       elkay ezh20 filter             elkay ezh20 filter

A common question that arises when it comes to filters is how often a replacement should be installed. Changing the filter is all part of basic Elkay EZH20 maintenance. Within the EZH2O family, each filling station has three colored lights that indicate each stage of the filter’s life cycle. Think of each of the indicator lights as your water filter’s traffic light; when the light is green, go right ahead and enjoy your purified water. When the light changes to yellow, the water will still be safe to drink but you should keep in mind that the filter has only 10% life left. Finally, at red, it's time to pump the brakes and replace the filter.

** NOTE - Elkay’s Enhanced model series will not disperse water water once the filter light indicator has turned red. 


Step 2: Remove Cooler Base Panel (Shroud)

elkay ezh20 filter

After you’ve determined a Elkay EZH20 filter replacement is necessary, begin by removing the panel at the base of the fountain, otherwise known as the shroud. This can be done with a manual screwdriver to remove the four flat head screws under the filler that secure the shroud to the base. 

NOTE: For bi-level filling stations, such as this ELKAY LZSTL8WSLP, the filter’s position can be slightly different from a single filler station. Both fillers use the same filter but the filter itself can be housed at the base of either cooler. Unless you are certain where the filter is located, you may need to remove both shrouds in order to find it. Once you locate the filter, the process for switching it out is the same as a single filler station.

elkay ezh20 filter 

 Step 3: Shut off flow from water source

With the shroud removed, you should have full access to the inside of the cooler. The filler’s anatomy should include some type of piping or valve that connects to the wall behind the filler. This indicates the filler’s water source. In order to remove the filter, you’ll need to first shut this source off to prevent any messy slip-ups. This should only require a simple counter-clockwise turn but if it proves more difficult, you may need to contact whoever originally installed the filler.

elkay ezh20 filter 

Step 4: Locate and replace filter

After the water is shut off, you’ll be ready to remove the old filter. This filter can be found at the far left side of the filler and should look somewhat similar to a ¼ gallon milk container. The only exception to this can sometimes be found in the bi-level filters, as mentioned above.

In order to remove the original Elkay water fountain filter, grab the top of the filter, closest to the filler, and give it a firm twist counterclockwise. This should loosen the filter from the filler and allow you to fully remove it. Remove the filter carefully, as it will likely contain slimy residue. Dispose of the filter appropriately.

With the older filter removed, you’ll now be able to replace the filter with a new one. Nearly all EZH20 models use an Elkay 51300c replacement filter.The only exception to this is the LMASMB Elkay Battery which uses a 56192C filter. For your convenience, you can buy these filters in single or multipacks, such as those available through www.bottlefillingstations.com.

After unpacking the new Elkay 51300c Replacement Filter, remove the filter’s red top. Make sure to keep the now open portion facing up. Next, take the opened filter and push it up and into the filter housing space where you removed the old filter. Once inside, begin to move the filter into place by twisting it clockwise until the filter is securely fastened. You’ll know the filter is in place when the label is visible, meaning that it faces out as opposed to facing the wall. If this is not the case, turn the filter around 180° so that you are able to see the label.

elkay ezh20 filter 

Step 5: Test the waters

When the filter is in place, turn the filler’s water source back on. Then, before re-affixing the shroud to the base, run about two gallons of water through the filler’s tap to activate the new filter. Sometimes, water pressure may cause an irregular flow. This is nothing to worry about and should normalize on its own.

 elkay ezh20 filter

Step 6: Wrap it up

After running enough water through the filler’s spout, re-attach the shroud to the base of the filler, screwing it back into place.

Note: If you have an older Elkay model, such as the Elkay LZS8WSLK, you will likely have to follow up the Elkay EZH20 filter replacement process by manually resetting both the bottle counter and filter indicator light. This requires that you remove the head panel of the bottle filler (this is the flat, plastic portion directly above the filling area that covers the inside of the filler’s upper portion). Using a manual screwdriver, remove the two screws located on either side of the head panel. Once unfastened, lift panel up to expose the inside of the fountain. There, you should be able to see a small grey box on the right hand side of the filler. On this box, there is a small button. This button is responsible for adjusting the the visual components of the filler such as the bottle counter and filter indicator lights. By pushing the button for two seconds, you’ll notice that the front display will change. When the display reaches “RST FLTR”, push the button again. When you see “FLTR =”, press the button one more time so the display reads “FLTR=0”. This should automatically change the filter indicator light from red to green. Assuming you would also like to reset the bottle counter, press the button down again until the display reads "RST BCNT". Push the button again to display the current bottle count number, for example “BC0007864”, and then depress the button once more to zero-out the bottle counter, resetting it. Your bottle filler is now reset! Just reattach the head panel and screw it back into place.

elkay ezh20 filter


elkay ezh20 filter


elkay ezh20 filter


And that’s all there is to it! Your Elkay EZH20 filter replacement is complete. That wasn’t so bad, was it? Now that you’ve changed an Elkay filter once, you’ll complete all future Elkay EZH20 filter replacements with ease. But, if you do run into any issues with Elkay EZH20 maintenance or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us for any clarification. Happy filtering!


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