June 27, 2017 2 min read

“Put that on this and then attach this to that part”...

When it comes to installing, maintaining, or troubleshooting anElkay EZH20, it is critical to know the correct name for the parts in yourwater bottle filling station. The first time you encounter anElkay EZH20 spec sheet, all the industry jargon can be extremely overwhelming. However, in this guide, we’ll help you break through the confusing terminology and translate yourElkay EZH20 spec sheet into easy to understand definitions.

Elkay EZH20 specs


Filter Indicator Light:

  • Definition: Indicates when the filter needs to be changed
  • Alternative names: Traffic light

Bottle Filler:

  • Definition: Upper portion of the bottle filling station. This is what disperses water into a reusable bottle.
  • Alternative names: Tower


  • Definition: Seals the water line between the water cooler and bottle filler
  • Alternative names: bottle filler gasket

Water Cooler:

  • Definition: Bottom portion of the bottle filling station containing the filter (if applicable) and compressor (also known as refrigeration or chiller).
  • Alternative names: Cooler body, cooler, fountain

Bottle Count Display:

  • Definition: Keeps track of how many plastic bottles have been saved through the system’s use


  • Definition: Tap where water is dispersed into a water bottle
  • Alternative names: Spout

Sensor Eye:

  • Definition: Sensor that activates water flow through aerator  
  • Alternative names: Activation sensor

Bottle Mount:

  • Definition:Area where bottle sits while being filled
  • Alternative names:Filling area


  • Definition:Dispenses water directly into sink basin -- no need for bottle.
  • Alternative names:Spout

Sink Basin:

  • Definition:Rounded basin where water from bubbler and aerator drains
  • Alternative names:Draining area

Push Bar:

  • Definition:Lever on front and both sides of the filler that prompts water flow in bubbler
  • Alternative names:Touchpads, Upper shroud


  • Definition:Paneling that wraps around cooler, protecting it
  • Alternative names:Wrapper, Cooler Cabinet


  • Definition:Spaces on sides that regulate the water cooler’s temperature
  • Alternative names:Air vents

Accessory Parts


Definition:Filters system’s water through removing contaminants prior to dispersion

Elkay EZH20 specs


See filter replacement options here.

Hanger Bracket:

Definition: Brackets that attach the bottle filling station to the wall.They sit superficially on the finished wall and are mounted to a braced wall or studs within the wall.

Elkay EZH20 specs


Mounting Frame:

Definition:Attaches the backside of the filling station to the wall. This is commonly used forIn-wall bottle filling stations or in any other installations where extra wall support is needed.

Alternative names:In-wall carrier


Elkay EZH20 specs

With a more comprehensive understanding of theElkay EZH20 specs and how each part of yourwater bottle filling station interacts with the others, basic maintenance should be a sinch. But if it's not or you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at (855) 558-9600.