Zurn ZTR6200EV-HW | EcoVantage ZTR Exposed Sensor Piston Water Closet Flush Valve, 1.28 GPF, Hardwired, Chrome


    The Zurn ZTR6200EV-HW is a state-of-the-art sensor-operated flush valve designed for commercial restroom applications. Featuring a sleek and durable construction, this flush valve incorporates advanced sensor technology for touchless operation, promoting hygiene and reducing the risk of cross-contamination. The ZTR6200EV-HW is equipped with adjustable settings for flush volume and timing, allowing customization to meet specific needs and optimize water usage. Its hardwired power source ensures reliable operation without the need for battery replacements, making it a convenient and cost-effective solution for high-traffic restroom environments. With its vandal-resistant design and easy installation, the Zurn ZTR6200EV-HW provides efficient and sustainable flushing performance, enhancing cleanliness and water conservation in commercial restroom facilities.

    Product Benefits

    • Features an exposed chrome-plated flushometer valve with a sleek metal cap design.
    • Equipped with a filtered piston kit that is resistant to chloramine.
    • Made from a proprietary low lead brass alloy resistant to dezincification.
    • The actuator sensor is powered by 4 "AA" batteries with a 3-year battery life based on 48,000 activations per year.
    • Includes a mechanical manual override button for added convenience.
    • Control stop includes internal siphon-guard protection, a vandal-resistant stop cap, and a sweat solder kit.
    • Cast wall flange with set screw for easy installation.
    • High back-pressure vacuum breaker with a one-piece hex coupling nut.
    • Internal seals are resistant to chloramine.
    • Adjustable tailpiece and spud coupling with flange for top spud connection.