Zurn ZERK-U-EWS-TM-S | Top Mount Sensor Flush Valve Retrofit Kit for Water Closet or Urinal Flush Valves


    The Zurn ZERK-U-EWS-TM-S is an advanced sensor-operated flush valve with an integrated water closet sensor kit, designed specifically for commercial restroom applications. This flush valve combines innovative technology with durable construction to provide efficient and reliable flushing performance while promoting water conservation. It features a sensor-operated design for touchless operation, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and enhancing hygiene in public restrooms. The ZERK-U-EWS-TM-S includes adjustable settings for flush volume and timing, allowing customization to meet specific needs and optimize water usage. Its vandal-resistant design and easy installation make it suitable for high-traffic environments, ensuring long-term reliability and functionality. Overall, the Zurn ZERK-U-EWS-TM-S is a smart and sustainable solution for maintaining cleanliness, efficiency, and water conservation in commercial restroom facilities.