Zurn ZERK-CCP | EZ Flush Retrofit Kit


    Zurn E-Z Flush Retrofit Kits allow you to convert your manual flush valves into automatic ones. They are ideal for commercial bathrooms where you want to avoid touching the handle. They are easy to install by removing the old handle and attaching the sensor kit to the valve side. The sensors sense when someone is near the valve and activate the flush, using battery power. There is also a manual button that you can use if necessary.

    Product Benefits

    • Infrared Sensor
    • User in-view L.E.D
    • Low battery indicator light
    • Optional 24-hour auto-flush setting
    • 3-second delay flush
    • Override Button
    • 6 VDC Motor Actuator
    • 4 “C” size batteries (Included)
    • Included tools: Wrench for installation, Hex wrench for battery compartment
    • ADA Compliant