Zurn ZERK-C-HET-TM | Top Mount Sensor Flush Valve Retrofit Kit for Water Closet or Urinal Flush Valves


    The Zurn ZERK-C-HET-TM is a water-efficient urinal flush valve tailored for commercial restrooms. It boasts a high-efficiency design that cuts down on water use, benefiting the environment and lowering costs. Featuring Zurn's exclusive HydroVantage Technology, it ensures optimal water use without sacrificing flush power. The ZERK-C-HET-TM comes with an adjustable flush setting and a hands-free sensor mechanism, enhancing sanitation and minimizing contamination risks. Built to last, its robust construction and anti-vandalism properties guarantee dependability in busy restroom settings. In essence, the Zurn ZERK-C-HET-TM represents an intelligent and eco-friendly choice for clean, water-conserving, and effective restroom maintenance.