Zurn ZER6203-CPM | Exposed, Sensor-Operated, Battery-Powered Metroflush Valve for 3/4" Urinal Valves

  • ZURN ZER6203-CPM

    The Zurn ZER6203-CPM is a sensor-operated flush valve tailored for commercial restrooms, ensuring efficient and sanitary flushing. It boasts a robust construction designed to endure the demands of high-traffic areas. Its sensor technology enables hands-free operation, enhancing hygiene by minimizing cross-contamination risks. The ZER6203-CPM also features adjustable settings for flush volume and duration, providing the ability to tailor water consumption and efficiency. With its vandal-resistant design, it offers dependable performance and longevity, making it a suitable choice for promoting cleanliness and water conservation in commercial restrooms.

    Product Benefits

    • It is constructed from high-impact resistant polycarbonate housing with a chrome-plated metal cover.
    • ADA-compliant design.
    • Features a 6VDC motor with a battery-powered automatic sensor.
    • Features a manual override push button along with a sensor angled at 10 degrees.
    • Outfitted with a high back-pressure vacuum breaker and a one-piece hex coupling nut.
    • Switchable sensor features such as 24-hour auto flush and diagnostic indicator lights.
    • Adjustable tailpiece and spud coupling with a flange for top spud connection.
    • Control stop with internal siphon-guard protection.
    • Internal seals made from chloramine-resistant materials.