Zurn ZER6200-WS1-SM | Exposed Sensor Piston Water Closet Flush Valve, 1.6 gpf, Chrome

  • ZURN ZER6200-WS1-SM

    The Zurn ZER6200-WS1-SM is an advanced sensor-operated flush valve designed for commercial restroom applications. This flush valve incorporates innovative technology to provide reliable and efficient flushing performance while promoting water conservation. Its sensor activation allows for touchless operation, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and enhancing hygiene in public restrooms. The ZER6200-WS1-SM features adjustable settings for flush volume and timing, allowing customization to meet specific needs and optimize water usage. Its durable construction and vandal-resistant design make it suitable for high-traffic environments, ensuring long-term reliability and functionality. Additionally, the ZER6200-WS1-SM is equipped with a wall-mounted sensor, providing flexibility in installation and adding convenience to restroom maintenance.

    Product Benefits

    • It is constructed from high-impact resistant polycarbonate housing with a chrome-plated metal cover.
    • ADA-compliant design.
    • Features a 6VDC motor with a battery-powered automatic sensor.
    • Features a manual override push button along with a sensor angled at 10 degrees.
    • Outfitted with a high back-pressure vacuum breaker and a one-piece hex coupling nut.
    • Switchable sensor features such as 24-hour auto flush and diagnostic indicator lights.
    • Adjustable tailpiece and spud coupling with a flange for top spud connection.
    • Control stop with internal siphon-guard protection.
    • Internal seals made from chloramine-resistant materials.