Zurn ZER6003AV-WS1-TM | Top Mount Exposed Sensor Flush Valve for Urinal, Battery Power


    The Zurn ZER6003AV-WS1-TM is a sophisticated sensor-operated flush valve tailored for commercial restrooms. It integrates cutting-edge technology with features that conserve water. This valve boasts a clog-resistant triple filter diaphragm for dependable operation and minimal maintenance. Its chemical-resistant gaskets and seals contribute to its durability and long life. Equipped with a high back-pressure vacuum breaker and chloramine-resistant internal seals, it's built to handle demanding water conditions. The valve's adjustable tailpiece and spud coupling facilitate straightforward installation and adaptability. In essence, the Zurn ZER6003AV-WS1-TM offers an intelligent and eco-friendly approach to hygiene, efficiency, and water conservation in busy restroom settings.