Zurn ZER6003AV-CPM | Exposed Sensor Operated Battery Powered Flush Valve for 3/4" Urinals


    The Zurn ZER6003AV-CPM is a sophisticated sensor-operated flush valve tailored for commercial bathroom use. It integrates cutting-edge technology to ensure efficient and dependable flush performance, aiding water conservation efforts. The valve boasts a clog-resistant triple filter diaphragm, along with chemical-resistant gaskets and seals, which contribute to its longevity and lower maintenance expenses. Its low-voltage, hardwired in-wall sensor, manual override button, and side-mounted motor operator facilitate ease of use and management. Given its robustness, operational efficiency, and conservation features, the Zurn ZER6003AV-CPM stands out as an excellent investment for sustaining hygiene and functionality in restrooms with heavy foot traffic.