Zurn ZER6000AV-DF-TM | Top Mount Exposed Sensor Flush Valve for WC, Battery Power


    The Zurn ZER6000AV-DF-TM is a high-performance, sensor-operated flush valve tailored for commercial restrooms. It boasts advanced technology that ensures efficient and dependable flushing, aiding in water conservation. The valve features a dual-flush option, giving users the choice between a standard or reduced water flush, which helps cut down on water use. The touchless design of the ZER6000AV-DF-TM, facilitated by sensors, improves hygiene and reduces germ transmission. Made with a dezincification-resistant brass alloy that's low in lead and equipped with anti-vandalism properties, it's built to last in busy settings. In summary, the Zurn ZER6000AV-DF-TM represents an intelligent and eco-friendly choice for clean, efficient, and water-conserving commercial restrooms.

    Product Benefits

    • Zurn utilizes a TPE diaphragm resistant to clogs and chloramine, along with a proprietary low lead-brass alloy that resists dezincification.
    • The system includes an actuator, electronic automatic sensor, and gear-driven ceramic cartridge, as well as a manual override button for added control.
    • The control stop features internal siphon-guard protection, a vandal-resistant stop cap, and comes with a sweat solder kit and cast wall flange with set screw.
    • A vacuum breaker with high back pressure and a one-piece hex coupling nut is also included, along with chloramine-resistant internal seals.
    • The system is designed with an adjustable tailpiece and includes a spud coupling and flange for top spud connection.
    • It operates within a pressure range of 25 psi (running) to 80 psi (static), although higher running pressure may be required for certain fixtures.