Zurn ZEMS6203-IS | Exposed, Hardwired, Automatic Sensor Metroflush® Valve for 3/4" Urinal Valves

  • Zurn ZEMS6203-IS

    The Zurn ZEMS6203-IS is a smart sensor-operated flush valve tailored for commercial restrooms. It merges sophisticated technology with effective water management to provide dependable and sanitary flushing. With its high-grade sensor, the valve enables hands-free operation, minimizing cross-contamination risks and ensuring public restroom hygiene. The ZEMS6203-IS boasts customizable settings for flush intensity and duration, facilitating tailored usage to meet diverse needs and conserve water. Its robust build and tamper-proof features guarantee enduring performance in busy settings. In essence, the Zurn ZEMS6203-IS represents an intelligent and eco-friendly approach to upholding cleanliness, efficiency, and water preservation in commercial bathroom installations.