Zurn ZEMS6200-WS1 | Metroflush AV ZEMS-IS Smart, Exposed Sensor Hardwired Piston Water Closet Flush Valve with 1.6 gpf in Chrome

  • ZURN ZEMS6200-WS1

    The Zurn ZEMS6200-WS1 is a sophisticated sensor-operated flush valve and water closet tailored for commercial bathroom use. It merges cutting-edge technology with robust construction to deliver effective flush performance and encourage water conservation. The sensor-triggered, hands-free operation boosts hygiene and minimizes cross-contamination risks in public restrooms. It features adjustable controls for flush intensity and duration, along with a clog-resistant triple filter diaphragm, ensuring customizable and dependable operation. The chemical-resistant seals and gaskets enhance its longevity and reduce maintenance expenses. In essence, the Zurn ZEMS6200-WS1 represents an intelligent and eco-friendly choice for sustaining cleanliness, operational efficiency, and water preservation in busy restroom facilities.