Zurn ZEMS6199-BX17-U | Access Panel and Frame for Concealed Sensor Flush Valves for Urinals

  • ZURN ZEMS6199-BX17-U

    The Zurn ZEMS6199-BX17-U is a complete sensor-operated flush valve system designed for effective and sanitary restroom management. This system comprises a sensor-operated flush valve, a brass solenoid valve assembly, and a tamper-resistant control stop cover. Its sensor technology enables hands-free flushing, minimizing germ spread and ensuring cleanliness. Additionally, the kit includes a battery-powered control module for straightforward installation and maintenance, as well as an adjustable tailpiece for increased adaptability. Renowned for its sturdy build and dependable functionality, the Zurn ZEMS6199-BX17-U stands out as a superior choice for commercial restrooms that value efficiency, sanitation, and user convenience.