Zurn ZEMS6195AV-ULF | 0.125 GPF Sensor Operated Hardwired Concealed Flush Valve for Urinals


    The Zurn ZEMS6195AV-ULF is a cutting-edge, sensor-operated flush valve tailored for high-efficiency, low-consumption use in commercial restrooms. It employs state-of-the-art technology to deliver dependable and accurate flushing performance, contributing to water conservation efforts. The device boasts an ultra-low flush rate, perfect for sustainable water management and LEED-certified buildings. Its vandal-resistant features and robust construction provide lasting operation in areas with heavy usage. Additionally, with its customizable flush volume and timing settings, along with a low-voltage, hardwired sensor, the ZEMS6195AV-ULF ensures user convenience, operational efficiency, and water economy, positioning it as an intelligent option for environmentally aware restroom designs.