Zurn ZEMS6153AV-HET | Concealed Hardwired Automatic Sensor Flush Valve


    The Zurn ZEMS6153AV-HET is a sophisticated sensor-operated flush valve tailored for high-efficiency toilets (HET) in commercial bathrooms. It integrates cutting-edge technology to deliver dependable and efficient flush performance, aiding water conservation efforts. The valve's sensor activation enables hands-free operation, minimizing cross-contamination risks and improving sanitary conditions in public restrooms. It offers adjustable settings for flush volume and duration, providing adaptability to fulfill diverse requirements and enhance water savings. Built to withstand heavy use, its robust construction and anti-vandal features assure sustained reliability and performance. In essence, the Zurn ZEMS6153AV-HET represents an intelligent and eco-friendly choice for upholding cleanliness, operational efficiency, and water preservation in commercial restrooms equipped with high-efficiency toilets.