Zurn ZEMS6003PL-ULF-IS | AquaFlush Plus ZEMS Exposed Sensor Hardwired Diaphragm Flush Valve, Chrome


    The Zurn ZEMS6003PL-ULF-IS is a sophisticated sensor-activated flush valve tailored for commercial bathroom use. It boasts a clog-resistant triple filter diaphragm and chemical-resistant gaskets and seals, guaranteeing a prolonged lifespan and reduced maintenance expenses. This flush valve is equipped with a low-voltage, hardwired in-wall sensor, an override button, and a side-mounted motor operator, all contributing to its ease of use and control. Its effective flush mechanism, water-saving features, and robust build make the ZEMS6003PL-ULF-IS dependable and eco-friendly for busy restroom facilities.

    Product Benefits

    • Crafted from a unique low-lead brass alloy that resists dezincification.
    • Control stop features internal siphon-guard protection, a vandal-resistant stop cap, sweat solder kit, wall flange with set screw.
    • Equipped with a high back-pressure vacuum breaker with a one-piece hex coupling nut.
    • Internal seals are resistant to chloramine.
    • Tailpiece is adjustable.
    • Includes spud coupling and flange for top spud connection.