Zurn ZEMS6003-EWS.0007 | AquaFlush ZEMS-IS Smart, Exposed Sensor Hardwired Diaphragm Water Closet Flush Valve

  • ZURN ZEMS6003-EWS.0007

    The Zurn ZEMS6003-EWS is a sophisticated sensor-operated flush valve that includes an integrated water closet sensor kit, tailored for commercial bathroom use. This flush valve integrates cutting-edge technology to deliver dependable and efficient flush performance, while also supporting water conservation efforts. Its sensor-based activation enables hands-free operation, minimizing the potential for cross-contamination and improving sanitary conditions in public bathrooms. The ZEMS6003-EWS offers adjustable settings for both flush volume and duration, providing adaptability to meet diverse requirements and enhance water economy. Built to withstand heavy use, its robust construction and tamper-proof design assure sustained dependability and performance. The addition of the integral water closet sensor kit further extends its functionality and ease of use, establishing the Zurn ZEMS6003-EWS as an intelligent and eco-friendly choice for preserving hygiene and efficiency in commercial bathroom settings.

    Product Benefits

    • A triple-filter diaphragm designed for effective clog resistance.
    • Gaskets and seals that are chemical-resistant, enhancing service life while reducing maintenance expenses.
    • Equipped with a low-voltage, hardwired in-wall sensor, along with an override button and side-mounted motor operator.