Zurn ZEMS6000PL-HET | AquaFlushPlus ZEMS Exposed Hardwired Sensor Flush Valve, In Wall Sensor, Chrome


    The Zurn ZEMS6000PL-HET is a high-efficiency, sensor-operated flush valve tailored for commercial restrooms. It utilizes cutting-edge technology to ensure consistent flushing performance while saving water. Constructed with a special low lead brass alloy, it offers longevity and dezincification resistance. Positioning it as a premier option for eco-friendly and efficient restroom solutions.

    Product Benefits

    • The Control Stop features internal siphon-guard protection along with a sweat solder kit and a wall flange equipped with a set screw.
    • Equipped with a High Back Pressure Vacuum Breaker that includes a one-piece hex coupling nut.
    • Internal seals are resistant to chloramine.
    • The tailpiece is adjustable for added flexibility.
    • Includes a spud coupling and flange designed for top spud connection.