Zurn Z6957-XL-N | Nachi Series Sensor Faucet, Polished Chrome

  • ZURN Z6957-XL-N

    The Zurn Z6957-XL-N is a premium sensor faucet tailored for commercial and public restroom use. It boasts a contemporary design and is made from robust materials to endure the demands of busy environments. The faucet's sensor technology enables touchless operation, enhancing hygiene and minimizing germ transmission. It comes with a durable battery and customizable settings for water flow and temperature, offering both convenience and adaptability. Designed to be vandal-resistant and straightforward to install, the Z6957-XL-N stands out as a dependable and practical solution for preserving hygiene and functionality in restrooms.

    Product Benefit

    • Infrared convergence-type proximity sensor
    • 30 second time out feature
    • In-line filter
    • 4 “AA” batteries
    • AC wall adaptor