Zurn Z6957-SD | Nachi Series Sensor, Wall Mounted, Soap Dispenser

  • Zurn Z6957-SD

    The Zurn Z6957-SD soap dispenser offers a robust and sanitary option tailored for busy commercial restrooms. Its touchless operation, enabled by sensor technology, permits soap dispensing without physical contact, enhancing hygiene and minimizing germ transmission. The dispenser's ample soap reservoir and straightforward refill process guarantee an uninterrupted availability of soap. Additionally, its contemporary and stylish design enhances the restroom's visual appeal. Designed for effortless installation adjacent to sinks or basins, the dispenser is a perfect match for public spaces prioritizing cleanliness and hygienic practices.

    Product Benefit

    • Durable internal pump ensures extended lifespan
    • Compatible with liquid hand soap (available separately)
    • Sensing distance of 4 ± 1/16 inches
    • Supports soap viscosity range of 100-3800 cps
    • Dispenses 1.25ml per activation
    • Features a 1000ml refillable soap container
    • Designed to complement the Z6957-XL faucet