Zurn Z6950-SD | Serio Series Sensor Soap Dispenser

  • ZURN Z6950-SD

    The Serio soap dispenser boasts a minimalist aesthetic that perfectly matches the Serio faucet, offering an integrated and automated handwashing solution.

    Product Features:

    • ADA-compliant, with an A/C power adapter, this chrome-plated sensor soap dispenser is suitable for both retrofit and new construction.
    • Durable internal pump designed for an extended lifespan.
    • Liquid hand soap available for purchase separately.
    • The viscosity range for soap is typically between 100 and 3800 centipoise (cps).
    • 0.5ml dispensed per activation
    • 1000ml capacity refillable liquid reservoir
    • The sensing distance is 4 inches with a tolerance of ± 1/16 inch.
    • Complements Z6950-XL faucet