Zurn Z6900-FSD-WM | Sensor Wall-Mount Foam Soap Dispenser

  • ZURN Z6900-FSD-WM

    This foaming soap dispenser features a clean, minimalist design that can be easily mounted on any wall or vertical surface. It has an adjustable, battery-operated sensor that allows for a wide range of dispensing settings, accommodating various distances and soap volumes.

    Product Features

    • Internal pump designed for durability and an extended lifespan.
    • The viscosity range for soap is 100-3800 centipoise (cps).
    • Adjustable dispenser volume: 10ml to 25ml per activation.
    • 650ml-capacity refillable liquid reservoir
    • Adjustable sensing range (2" - 6")
    • Includes 6 AA batteries.
    • Foaming soap and foaming hand sanitizer are available for purchase separately.