Zurn Z6614AV | AquaVantage AV Exposed Flush Valve for Penal 3/4" Urinal Fixtures

  • ZURN Z6614AV

    • Concealed, quiet, diaphragm-type, rough brass flushometer valve
    • A dual-seal diaphragm that is resistant to chloramine and features a clog-resistant bypass.
    • AquaVantage TPE, chloramine-resistant, dual-seal diaphragm with clog-resistant, triple-filtered by-pass.
    • High Back Pressure Vacuum Breaker
    • Included are the flush tube and elbow flush connections.
    • Fixture spud securing nut for a top spud connection.
    • Control stops are equipped with internal siphon-guard protection.
    • Internal seals constructed from chloramine-resistant materials