Zurn Z6203-EWS-YB-YC | Metroflush exposed piston operated flush valve for urinals

  • ZURN Z6203-EWS-YB-YC

    Zurn Metroflush piston flush valves feature a chloramine-resistant piston, a clog-resistant filtered bypass, and chemical-resistant gaskets and seals, ensuring a longer service life with reduced maintenance costs. Activation requires direct user contact with a handle, making these valves a fundamental part of the Zurn flush valve range. The exposed design of these flush valves provides convenient access and practicality for daily projects, showcasing all operational components for straightforward servicing and retrofitting.

    Product Features:

    • Pistons with clog-resistant filtered bypass, chloramine-resistant seals, and alloys of low-lead brass are available.
    • Chloramine-resistant internal seals.
    • An ADA-compliant handle featuring non-hold open and no-leak characteristics.
    • A vacuum breaker kit suitable for high back pressure applications.
    • Adjustable tailpiece.
    • Spud coupling and a flange are used for a top spud connection.
    • Control stops equipped with internal siphon-guard protection, a sweat soldering kit, and a cast wall flange secured with a set screw.