Zurn Z6152AV-FF | Concealed Manual Flush Valve with Back Spud Connection for Water Closets

  • Zurn Z6152AV-FF

    The Zurn Z6152AV-FF AquaVantage Concealed Flush Valve for Flushing Rim Floor Drain is designed for concealed installation.

    Product Benefits

    • Features a diaphragm-type mechanism that operates quietly and is made of durable rough brass.
    • Equipped with a dual-seal diaphragm that is resistant to chloramine and features a clog-resistant bypass.
    • Includes a push button feature that is designed to prevent leaks and does not hold open, ensuring ease of use.
    • Includes a high back-pressure vacuum breaker, a one-piece hex coupling nut, and an adjustable tailpiece.
    • The control stop is equipped with built-in siphon guard protection.
    • The internal seals are constructed from materials that are resistant to chloramine.