Zurn Z6099 | Aquaflush Exposed Flush Valve for Flushing Rim Floor Drain

  • Zurn Z6099

    The Zurn Z6099 is a meticulously crafted flushometer valve, boasting a chrome-plated finish that ensures durability and aesthetic appeal. Engineered for exposed installation, this valve is equipped with a diaphragm-type mechanism that operates quietly, enhancing the user experience. Its polished exterior not only adds to its sleek design but also facilitates easy cleaning, maintaining its shine over time.

    Product Benefits

    • Featuring a dual-seal diaphragm that resists chloramine and a bypass designed to prevent clogging.
    • Compliant with the ADA, featuring a handle that does not stay open and is leak-proof.
    • Features a high back-pressure vacuum breaker, a hexagonal coupling nut, and an adjustable tailpiece for added versatility.
    • The control includes a built-in siphon-guard feature for enhanced protection.
    • Internal seals are made from materials that are resistant to chloramine.