Zurn Z60842AV-H | AquaVantage AV Clinical Sink Flush Valve with Service Sink Faucet

  • Zurn Z60842AV-H

    A sleek, silent diaphragm-style flushometer valve, boasting a lustrous chrome finish. Equipped with Zurn's AquaVantage® TPE diaphragm for optimal performance. Efficient water usage at 6.5 gallons per flush.

    Product Benefits

    • Triple-Filtered, Clog-Resistant Bypass
    • Chloramine-resistant
    • Dual seal
    • ADA-compliant handle with a non-hold-open feature and no leakage.
    • Quater-turn ceramic disc cartridges
    • Swivel inlets, 2 1/2 inches in length, with integral stops
    • 4-inch vandal-resistant brass wrist blade handles
    • The control stop is equipped with internal siphon-guard protection, a vandalism-resistant stop cap, a sweat solder kit, and a cast wall flange that includes a set screw for easy installation.
    • The vacuum breaker, designed to mitigate high back pressure, features a one-piece hex coupling nut for robust performance and reliability.
    • All internal seals are designed to be resistant to chloramine, ensuring enhanced durability and longevity.
    • Adjustable tailpiece
    • Coupling and flange designed for a top spud connection.