Zurn Z60842AV-BWN | Manual Aquavantage Flush Valve

  • ZURN Z60842AV

    This product is a faucet for clinical sinks that has a manual flush valve. It can flush the sink in a sanitary and dependable way, thanks to its features such as:

    • A diaphragm with three filters that prevents blockage.
    • Gaskets and seals that can withstand chemical exposure.
    • It uses 6.5 gallons of water for each flush, which is the normal rate.
    • A manual handle with a no-leak seal technology that meets the ADA standards.
    • A device that prevents backflow in a vacuum system under high pressure conditions
    • A bedpan washer assembly.
    • A support rod and a wall bracket
    • A stop cap and handle that are vandal resistant