Zurn Z6020AV-BWN | Concealed Flush Valve with Bedpan Washer for Water Closets

  • Zurn Z6020AV-BWN

    The Zurn Z6020AV-BWN Concealed Closet Flush Valve, equipped with a Bedpan Washer, features a robust brass flushometer valve crafted for hidden installations. It incorporates Zurn's AquaVantage TPE diaphragm, renowned for its chloramine resistance and fortified with dual seals to ensure leak prevention.

    Product Benefits

    • Features a bypass that is resistant to clogs and has a triple-filtered design.
    • Equipped with a push-button feature that prevents holding open and leakage, this unit also includes a bedpan washer assembly, wall bracket, and support rod.
    • Includes a high back-pressure vacuum breaker, a one-piece hex coupling nut, an adjustable tailpiece, and a spud coupling complete with a flange for the top spud connection.
    • The control stop offers internal siphon-guard protection, and a sweat solder kit is provided.
    • Internal seals are made of materials resistant to chloramine.