Zurn Z6000PL-WS1 | Aquaflush PL Plus Exposed Manual Flush Valve - 1.6 gpf, Sweat Solder Kit, Stop Cap, and Cast Wall Flange in Chrome

  • ZURN Z6000PL-WS1


    The Zurn Z6000PL-WS1 is an exposed, quiet diaphragm-type chrome-plated flushometer valve with a polished exterior. It comes equipped with a chloramine-resistant, dual-seal diaphragm featuring a clog-resistant by-pass. ADA-compliant, it includes a non-hold open and no-leak handle feature, with internal seals made of chloramine-resistant materials. It is recommended to use this product with a WaterSense-labeled counterpart with a compatible flow volume to ensure the entire system meets water efficiency and performance requirements. 

    The Aquaflush Plus is equipped with a Vandal Resistant Stop Cover, enhancing its durability and protection against tampering. Additionally, its proprietary Dezincification-resistant low-lead brass alloy body ensures long-lasting performance while meeting safety standards.