ZEMS6200-HET | Metroflush AV ZEMS-IS Smart, Exposed Sensor Hardwired Piston Water Closet Flush Valve 1.28 gpf in Chrome

  • Zurn ZEMS6200-HET

    This flushometer valve is an exposed, quiet piston-type mechanism with a chrome-plated finish and a polished exterior, providing both durability and an appealing aesthetic. The 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf) high-efficiency flush makes it an eco-friendly choice, contributing to water conservation efforts. The piston-type operation ensures a reliable and quiet flushing process. The chrome-plated finish not only adds a sleek look but also offers resistance to corrosion. Overall, this flushometer valve combines efficiency, durability, and aesthetic appeal in a polished and chrome-plated design.

    • Features a piston-operated mechanism, clog-resistant filtered by-pass, and is chloramine-resistant with a dual seal.
    • Made of low-lead brass alloy.
    • Equipped with an actuator, ZEMS 6 VDC Motorized Actuator.
    • Automatic sensor with fully configurable sensor range adjustment, 48 or 168-hour trap seal flush, and capacitive sensing push-button override.
    • Control stop includes internal siphon-guard protection, vandal-resistant stop cap, sweat solder kit, and a cast wall flange with a set screw.
    • Vacuum breaker with high back pressure and a one-piece hex coupling nut.
    • Internal seals are chloramine resistant.
    • Adjustable tailpiece.
    • Spud coupling and flange provided for top spud connection.