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World Dryer V-649A | VMax V2 Automatic Hand Dryer, HEPA-Filtered, Silver

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    World Dryer V-649A

    The World Dryer V-649A, part of the VMax V2 series, is a top-tier hand dryer offering by World Dryer, providing a blend of high performance, user comfort, and owner convenience. With impressive cost savings, including 99% compared to paper towels, and features like a wide hand-drying area, quick 10-12 seconds drying time, and quiet operation, it delivers an enhanced user experience. The focus on sanitation is evident through the water collection reservoir, HEPA filter, and antimicrobial technology. The intelligent LED display simplifies owner maintenance, indicating when attention is needed for the water reservoir or HEPA filter. ADA-compliant surface mount, vandal-resistant cover, and an ergonomic vertical design contribute to its user-friendly attributes. The VMax V2 series is uniquely designed with features like a brushless DC motor and provides clear unit recommendations based on traffic levels.

    Product Benefits

    • Surface-mounted ADA compliance streamlines installation, reducing associated costs significantly.
    • Energy efficiency ensures minimal operating expenses.
    • Long-lasting motor with replaceable brushes extends service life, reducing maintenance interruptions.
    • HEPA filter eliminates 99.97% of particles sized 0.3μm or larger, ensuring cleaner air.
    • Antimicrobial technology prevents bacterial, mold, and fungal growth on dryer surfaces, reducing stains, odors, and deterioration.
    • Simple wall mounting bracket for easy installation.
    • Intelligent LED display notifies when it's time to change water reservoir or HEPA filter
    • IP24 rating offers protection against harmful water ingress.
    • Built to withstand damage and vandalism, ensuring durability.
    • Water collection reservoir eliminates spillage on the floor, reducing hazard and maintenance.