World Dryer


World Dryer K-972P2 | SMARTdri Plus Automatic Hand Dryer, Polished Stainless Steel

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    World Dryer K-972P2

    The SMARTdri Plus Series offers fast, eco-friendly, and reliable hand dryers that promote hygiene. These dryers have a sleek design and a long-lasting motor that can handle busy settings. Users can adjust the airflow, sound level, and heat settings to fit different needs and preferences. These dryers are versatile and adaptable for various uses.

    Product Benefits

    • Drying time of just 10 seconds.
    • Hands-free automatic operation.
    • Very energy-efficient, utilizing only 12% compared to traditional dryers and up to 50% less than other high-speed hand dryers.
    • Smart on/off heating and 3-speed motor controls are designed to maximize both energy efficiency and user comfort.
    • This motor lasts two to three times longer than other fast-drying motors, extending its life span significantly.
    • SMARTdri Plus features a high-intensity single-port nozzle.
    • This technology prevents microbes from growing and damaging the surfaces they touch. It keeps the surfaces clean, fresh, and lasting longer.
    • IP24 protection against harmful water ingress.