Oasis 041145-001 – VersaFilter III Replacement Water Filter

  • The Oasis 041145-001 VersaFilter III Replacement Water Filter is the next evolution in the VersaFilter System. The VersaFilter III’s small footprint and high capacity makes it ideal for water cooler applications. VersaFilter III combines carbon and other unique media to provide high quality great tasting water.

    • Reduces the occurrence of lead, cyst, chlorine and odor.
    • Improves the taste and appearance of drinking water.
    • Provides water that is virtually free of sediment, dirt and rust.
    • High dirt-holding capacity reduces the number of filter changes per year.
    • Inhibits the build-up of scale and corrosion.
    • Certified to NSF/ANSI 53 and 42 to 4,750 gallons.

    041253-001 is a Versafilter lll kit - Order this part if you need the filter and filter head.