Hoshizaki IM-500SAB | Stackable Square Icemaker, Air-cooled

  • Hoshizaki IM-500SAB

    The Hoshizaki IM-500SAB Stackable Square Icemaker is a cutting-edge appliance designed to meet the ice production needs of various industries. With its sleek and compact design, this icemaker is perfect for establishments with limited space, such as restaurants, bars, hotels, and convenience stores. It offers a comprehensive range of features that make it a reliable and efficient solution for producing high-quality ice cubes.

    Features & Benefits

    • Creates individual square ice cubes
    • Sturdy stainless steel exterior ensures durability
    • Designed for stackability, providing up to three times the ice production within the same floor space
    • Achieves an impressive ice production capacity of up to 489 lbs. per 24 hours
    • Allows stacking of 2 units for a total of 978 lbs. (Stacking kit: S-25691 required)
    • Enables stacking of 3 units for a total of 1467 lbs. (Two stacking kits: S-25691 required)
    • Features the EverCheck alert system for convenient monitoring
    • Utilizes R-404A Refrigerant for efficient and reliable performance