Hoshizaki HS-5285 | EcOȝIce Ozone System Replacement Cartridge, 50,000 Gal Capacity

  • Hoshizaki HS-5285

    Replacement cartridge for EcOȝIce Ozone Ice machine water filtration systems.

    The EcOȝIce device, compact in size, employs an innovative technology centered around synthetic diamonds to consistently purify water utilized in ice machines. This process eliminates bacteria, yeast, and mold throughout the entire ice-making process. It also diminishes the accumulation of biofilm, significantly prolonging the intervals between necessary cleanings. During each cycle, EcOȝIce generates a small yet potent quantity of pure ozone, a natural sanitizer, ensuring continuous treatment of the machine's interior, storage bin, dispenser, and drains.

    Features & Benefits

    • Significantly minimizes the likelihood of foodborne illness
    • Decreases the need for regular cleanings, saving time and labor
    • Conveniently connects to the incoming water line of the ice machine
    • Operator-replaceable, the twist-on electrolytic cartridge has a lifespan of 6-12 months
    • An indicator lamp signals when it's time to replace the cartridge
    • Compatible with both cubers and flakers with ice production capacities of up to 2,600 lbs.
    • The ice machine, bin, and associated components are sanitized by water treated with ozone.


    ONLY persons who are certified technicians or trades persons with the requisite knowledge, skills, ability, and training, MUST perform service or installation work.

    *Unauthorized modifications, repairs, or use poses a hazard in the form of an improperly functioning device.