Hoshizaki HS-5061 | Condensate Drain Pump for Undercounter Icemaker

  • Compatible with the following Hoshizaki Icemakers:

    AM-50 Series, C-100 Series, C-101 Series, KM-61BAH, and KM-101BAH

    The Hoshizaki HS-5061 condensate drain pump provides an ideal solution when no floor drain is available for use with your ice machine. The kit comes complete with all necessary components, including hoses, clamps, and screws, making installation a straightforward process. This unit efficiently pumps out residual water from melted ice during operation while operating nearly silently, distinguishing it from other models.

    Kit Includes:

    • (1) Drain Pump Assembly
    • (1) Vinyl Hose (drain hose) (5/8" ID×6.5")
    • (1) Vinyl Hose (vent hose) (3/8" ID×27.5")
    • (1) High Pressure Clear PVC Hose (discharge hose) (1/2" ID×10')
    • (1) Small Clamp (vent hose to drain pump)
    • (1) Medium Clamp (discharge hose to drain pump)
    • (1) Drain Pump Assembly
    • (2) Large Clamp (drain hose/drain elbow to icemaker and drain pump)
    • (2) Hose Clips (vent hose)
    • (2) Truss Head Screw (4×8, SS)