Hoshizaki DCM-751BWH-OS | OptiServe Hands Free Cubelet Ice and Water Dispenser, Water-cooled, 95 lbs capacity

  • Hoshizaki DCM-751BWH-OS

    The Hoshizaki DCM-751BWH-OS OptiServe Hands Free Cubelet Ice and Water Dispenser is a cutting-edge appliance designed to provide convenient access to both ice and water. With its hands-free operation, users can easily dispense ice and water without the need for physical contact, ensuring optimal hygiene and reducing the risk of cross-contamination. This feature makes it an ideal choice for various settings, including offices, healthcare facilities, hotels, and restaurants.

    Features & Benefits

    • Features Opti-Serve touchless ice and water dispensing.
    • Robust stainless steel exterior for durability.
    • Features an Advanced CleanCycle24 design for efficiency.
    • Equipped with a stainless steel auger and greaseless bearing.
    • Achieves a remarkable 782 lbs. of ice production within 24 hours.
    • Offers a built-in storage capacity of 3.2ft3/95 lbs.
    • Features a 2-second flush cycle per hour for enhanced cleanliness.
    • Delivers easily chewable Cubelet ice for user satisfaction.
    • Utilizes a self-contained design, minimizing cross-contamination risks.
    • Incorporates a flush cycle that removes sediment, ensuring cleaner ice.
    • Enhanced hygiene with protection from H-GUARD Plus Antimicrobial Agent.
    • Functions as an ice and water dispenser for versatile use.
    • Operates with R-404A Refrigerant for efficient cooling.