Hoshizaki C-80BAJ | Self-Contained Cubelet Icemaker, Air-cooled, 22 lbs capacity

ADA Compliant
Cabinet Ready

  • Hoshizaki C-80BAJ

    The Hoshizaki C-80BAJ Self-Contained Cubelet Icemaker stands out as an advanced ice machine equipped with diverse features to cater to your ice production requirements. This unit, compact and self-contained, is engineered to generate cubelet ice—a distinctive and chewable ice variety suitable for various applications. Its sleek and contemporary design not only ensures functionality but also brings a touch of sophistication to any environment.

    Features & Benefits

    • Full-length handle crafted from stainless steel
    • Outdoor use approval by UL
    • Undercounter design for space efficiency
    • Ice production capacity of up to 80 lbs. within 24 hours
    • Built-in storage capacity of up to 22 lbs.
    • Accessible power switch without requiring panel removal
    • Height less than 34 inches (C-80BAJ, C-80BAJ-DS)
    • Height less than 32 inches; ADA compliant (C-80BAJ-AD, C-80BAJ-ADDS)
    • Water circuit easily disassembled for convenient cleaning
    • Front in and out airflow for effective ventilation
    • 6 ft. cord equipped with NEMA 5-15 Plug
    • Utilizes R-134A Refrigerant