Excel XL-W | Xlerator Hand Dryer, Automatic, White Epoxy

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    Xlerator XL-W

    The Excel Xlerator XL-W is a high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryer known for its sleek design and durability. Offering fast and thorough hand drying in seconds, it is an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution ideal for high-traffic restrooms. With innovative features and a focus on performance, the XL-W is a reliable choice that balances functionality with environmental responsibility.

    Product Benefit

    • Set the heat to your preference with options for High, Medium, Low, and Off.
    • The LED indicator externally displays when service is required.
    • Customize the speed and sound level to suit your preferences.
    • Achieve an 80% reduction in energy consumption compared to traditional hand dryers.
    • Experience a 95% cost savings compared to purchasing paper towels.
    • Qualify for multiple LEED® credits, contributing to environmental sustainability.
    • Contribute to the reduction of carbon footprint in facilities.
    • All XLERATOR Hand Dryer Models are certified with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).


    Color Finish: White Epoxy

    Sound Level: Allows customization within a range of 65-75 dB.

    Velocity: Customizable between 13,000-20,000 LFM.

    Flow Rate: Customizable from 42-63 CFM.

    Drying Time: Achieves a quick 8-second dry time.

    Activation: Utilizes an automatic sensor for hands-free operation.

    Mounting: Designed for surface mounting.

    Power Usage: Operates efficiently at 3.7 watt hours.

    Heat Settings: Offers adjustable settings (High, Medium, Low, Off).

    Temperature Range: Adjustable within a range of 72°F-135°F.

    Voltage Options: Available in 110-120V or 208-277V configurations.

    Dimensions: Measures 11 3/4” W x 12 11/16” H x 6 11/16” D.

    Compliance: Can be fitted with an ADA-compliant Recess Kit.

    Warranty: 7-Year Limited Warranty.


    • Ensure installation is carried out by a licensed professional to meet local regulatory requirements.
    • Always disconnect the power source before commencing any servicing or installation procedures for safety.
    • The Excel Xlerator XL-W requires a dedicated circuit to ensure proper and reliable operation. It must also be appropriately grounded.
    • Position the hand dryer at least 2 feet away from other units to allow for efficient use. It should be installed near, but not directly over, the washbasin.
    • To prevent interference with the automatic sensor, mount the XL-W at least 18 inches above or away from reflective surfaces.


    • Always turn off the power source before initiating any cleaning or maintenance procedures.
    • Clean unit surfaces using a mild soap solution or a non-abrasive cleaner to maintain a polished appearance.
    • Periodically inspect and clean air inlets to prevent any obstruction that may affect performance.
    • Gently wipe the sensor lens with a soft, clean cloth to ensure accurate and responsive automatic activation.
    • If equipped with a filter, check and replace it as recommended by the manufacturer to maintain optimal air quality.
    • Monitor the service indicator, if available, and follow manufacturer guidelines when service is needed.
    • Ensure proper ventilation around the unit for optimal performance.


    Spec Sheet

    Installation Manual