Excel TA-SB-SI-H | Automatic ThinAir Hand Dryer, HEPA Filtration, Stainless Steel, Special Image

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    Excel TA-SB-SI-H

    ThinAir Hand Dryers offer a comprehensive solution for restroom facilities. Designed for accessibility with surface mounting aligned to 4" ADA protrusion guidelines, these dryers feature a washable pre-filter for easy maintenance. They streamline processes, saving time and money, with an impressive 95% cost reduction compared to paper towels. 

    The ThinAir HEPA filtration system removes 99.999% of viruses, featuring a unique washable pre-filter for reliability and extended life. Excel Dryer's ThinAir hand dryers provide a definitive solution to the hand dryer hygiene debate, delivering fast and efficient drying with clean, filtered, and purified air.

    With ThinAir Dryer Custom Covers, you can offer the advantages of contemporary warm-air hand drying to your customers or employees while simultaneously promoting a product or conveying a significant message. Logo options include your favorite sports team, the official company symbol, a local school, or an environmental message.


    Product Benefit

    • Facilitate accessibility for the visually impaired through surface mounting, adhering to 4" ADA protrusion guidelines.
    • Equipped with a washable pre-filter for added convenience.
    • Efficiently save both time and money.
    • Realize a significant 95% cost savings when compared to the purchase of paper towels.
    • Exhibit an impressive 80% reduction in energy consumption compared to traditional hand dryers.
    • ThinAir's HEPA filtration removes 99.999% of viruses, featuring a washable pre-filter for extended life.
    • Excel Dryer's ThinAir hand dryers deliver fast and hygienic drying with HEPA filtration.
    • Eliminate the need for maintaining paper towel replenishment and managing waste.
    • Contribute to the qualification for various LEED® credits, promoting sustainability.
    • Aid facilities in minimizing their carbon footprint.
    • All ThinAir Hand Dryer Models boast Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certification.
    • Employ antimicrobial wall guards, preventing water damage and inhibiting bacteria growth on walls.