Zurn ZER6003AV-EWS-TM | Top Mount Exposed Sensor Flush Valve for Urinal, Battery Power


    The Zurn ZER6003AV-EWS-TM is an advanced sensor-operated flush valve designed for commercial restroom applications. It incorporates innovative technology to provide efficient and reliable flushing performance while promoting water conservation. This flush valve features a triple filter diaphragm that resists clogs effectively, along with chemical-resistant gaskets and seals that enhance durability and reduce maintenance costs. The low-voltage, hardwired in-wall sensor, override button, and side-mounted motor operator ensure convenient operation and control. With its integrated thermal mixer for tempered water supply, the ZER6003AV-EWS-TM is a smart and sustainable solution for maintaining cleanliness, efficiency, and water conservation in high-traffic restroom environments.