Hoshizaki Pump Manual


  • Only qualified service technicians should install and service the drain pump to reduce the risk of hazards. A plumbing permit and a licensed plumber may be required in certain areas.
  • Adherence to installation, operation, and maintenance instructions is crucial to ensure safety, performance, component life, and warranty coverage. Failure to comply may result in costly water damage.
  • The icemaker must be grounded using the provided 3-prong plug for safety. Connect it to a properly grounded 3-prong wall outlet. Do not remove the ground prong or use an adapter plug. Installation must comply with applicable codes.
  • Exercise care when moving the icemaker to protect the floor.
  • This drain pump is approved for use with specific models.


Follow the steps in the icemaker's instruction manual to keep the icemaker clean, sanitized, and functional.