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Bobrick B-9100 PureDri Hand Dryer: A Perfect Blend of Sanitization, Energy Efficiency, and Convenience

bobrick b-9100 handdryer

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When searching for a new hand dryer that aligns with the latest health and safety standards, the Bobrick B-9100 PureDri stands out. It's three main benefits: sanitization technology, energy efficiency, and ease of use. Let's break each down... 

Benefit #1: Science-Backed Sanitization

In the era of heightened sanitization awareness, the Bobrick B-9100 PureDri sets itself apart with its innovative technology and science-based research on UV sanitization against HEPA. Here are the key features and benefits of Bobrick's PureDri technology:

  • 6-second Ionized Air Blast: Effectively sanitizes users' hands, promoting a hygienic restroom environment.
  • Air Outlet Chamber: Inactivates airborne and surface microorganisms, ensuring a thorough sanitization process.
  • Clinically Backed UV Science: Destroys existing pathogens and particles less than 0.3 microns, reducing absenteeism and promoting wellness.
  • 99% Bacteria, Viruses, Mold & Fungi Elimination: Proven to eliminate a wide range of harmful microorganisms, fostering a healthy workspace.

Benefit #2: Smart & Energy Efficient

The Bobrick B-9100 PureDri not only prioritizes sanitization but also offers impressive energy efficiency features. This makes it an ideal choice for contractors, facilities professionals, and cost-conscious individuals:

  • Energy Efficiency: With a power consumption of just 220 watts, the PureDri is a top performer in the market, promoting green credits and cost savings.
  • Infrared Sensor: Detects movement within 6 inches of the air-outlet opening, ensuring an efficient and convenient drying experience.
  • Speedy Hand Dry: The efficient jet dry mechanism saves time in the restroom, enhancing user satisfaction.
  • Drying Cycle Indicator: Provides users with clear visibility of when the drying process is complete, improving restroom flow.

Benefit #3: Easy Installation & Maintenance

The Bobrick B-9100 PureDri excels in its ease of installation and maintenance, offering a hassle-free experience for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals:

  • Simple & Low Maintenance: No filters to replace, just a yearly lamp change, reducing maintenance efforts and costs.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for any public or commercial restrooms, accommodating various installation settings.
  • Universal Voltage: Compatible with both 110/240 volts 50/60 Hz electrical supplies, streamlining electrician's tasks.
  • Easy Setup: Whether retrofitting, remodeling, or installing in new restrooms, the PureDri is designed for seamless integration.

Key Specs:

  • Dimensions: 10.5" wide x 32.25" high x 4" deep
  • Weight: 20.3 pounds
  • Electrical Supply: 110/240 volts 50/60 Hz
  • Current Consumption: 1.7 Amps @ 115 volts
  • Nominal Output: 0.2 kW
  • Air Volume: 1,200 cubic feet/hour
  • Air Velocity: 164' per second @ 4"
  • Area Size: 270 square feet

Where to Buy: BottleFillingStation currently has the Bobrick B-9100 on SALE. Another great option, Plumber's Paradise, an Amazon Top Seller, now offers the Bobrick B-9100 PureDri in the Plumber's Paradise online store. 

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