Crossfit Southie Commits to Health with Bottle Filling Station

April 19, 2016 2 min read


CrossFit Southie, one of Boston's largest CrossFit centers, recently made an impressive commitment to water sustainability and member health by installing a brand new bottle filling station in their already-notable facility.

As a small yet rapidly growing business, CrossFit Southie is constantly trying to find new ways to make the gym run more productively while working towards their ultimate goal: to help people become their best, healthiest selves. Having a bottle filling station installed was a logical step towards reducing waste, improving gym efficiency, and making it even easier for members to hydrate during workouts.

Water plays a huge part in keeping the body’s processes functioning effectively. Staying hydrated helps maintain body temperature, plays a huge role in removing waste from the body and regulates metabolism. And with the water lost during the intense, effective workouts that take place at Crossfit Southie, members need to be cognizant of replenishing their fluids.

Gosler was also thrilled by the money and waste saved by installing the bottle filling station. “We save on costs and wastes by not having to provide paper cups,” he explained. With this added option for water at the gym, members also save by not having to buy bottled water to rehydrate while at the center. A reusable bottle is all one needs to reduce their costs and waste. As one of the first gyms in the area to make such strides in sustainability and hydration, CrossFit Southie continues to prove their status as one of the leading gyms in the state. Interested in learning more about bottle filling stations? Visit for more information.

To learn more about CrossFit Southie, visit their website or their Facebook page.“The bottle filling station is more convenient for our members as it fills at quite a rapid rate,” owner and founder Chris Gosler explained in an interview. With multiple large classes happening each day and a member base with very busy lives, efficiency is a huge priority at CrossFit Southie. The bottle filling station does just that, allowing members to fill up quickly and get in and out of their classes with ease. “We still have a fountain attached to the bottle filler so the station is the best of both worlds. Members can take a quick sip or fill their bottles and be on their way.”