Zurn ZEMS6153AV | AquaSense Concealed Hardwired Automatic Sensor Flush Valve for Water Closets


    The Zurn ZEMS6153AV is a sophisticated sensor-operated flush valve tailored for commercial bathroom use. It integrates cutting-edge technology to ensure efficient and dependable flush performance, while also supporting water conservation efforts. The valve boasts a robust build with components made from dezincification-resistant, low-lead brass alloy for enhanced durability and extended service life. It comes complete with a control stop featuring internal siphon-guard protection, a vandal-resistant stop cap, a sweat soldering kit, and a wall flange with a set screw, all of which facilitate straightforward installation and upkeep. Moreover, the ZEMS6153AV is outfitted with a high backpressure vacuum breaker, a one-piece hex coupling nut, and seals that are resistant to chloramine. The flexibility of its adjustable tailpiece and spud coupling, along with the top spud connection, make it an intelligent and eco-friendly option for ensuring hygiene, efficiency, and water conservation in restrooms with heavy foot traffic.