Zurn ZEMS6000-IS-HET | AquaFlush ZEMS-IS Smart, Exposed Sensor Hardwired Diaphragm Water Closet Flush Valve, Chrome

  • Zurn ZEMS6000-IS-HET

    The Zurn ZEMS6000-IS is an intelligent sensor flush valve designed for water conservation and efficient operation in commercial restroom settings. This flush valve features a sensor that detects user presence and initiates flushing, promoting hands-free and hygienic use while reducing water wastage. With its adjustable settings for flush volume and duration, the ZEMS6000-IS allows customization to suit specific needs and preferences, optimizing water usage without compromising performance. Its durable construction and vandal-resistant design ensure long-term reliability and low maintenance requirements, making it an ideal choice for sustainable and functional restroom solutions in various public facilities.

    Product Benefit

    • The Control Stop includes internal siphon-guard protection, a sweat solder kit, and a wall flange with a set screw.
    • Equipped with a high back pressure Vacuum Breaker featuring a one-piece hex coupling nut.
    • Internal seals are resistant to chloramine.
    • The tailpiece is adjustable for added flexibility.
    • Includes a spud coupling and flange for top spud connection.